I've lost something

On the «easyfind» website, you can find out whether your lost item has been handed over to us or to a lost property office (cantonal police, municipalities, transport companies) linked to the Lost and Found Service Switzerland.
Use the online form.

It is very important that you enter your item in the right category to ensure rapid mediation. Objects must be registered from the outside to the inside.


  • Item: ID cards and bank cards in a wallet
  • Main category: Wallet, Money, Securities
  • Subcategory: Wallet/Case

A separate loss report for the ID cards and bank cards is not necessary, as this information can be entered under «Description».

Note: A loss report is not a police complaint. A police complaint must be filed at the police station.

Luzerner Polizei

Lost and Found Office

Hirschengraben 17b

6003 Luzern


<br/> Phone +41 41 248 86 66


Opening hours

Monday to Friday
(except on public holydays)

10.00 – 12.30
14.30 – 17.00

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